Speech Accent Archive
Presented by:         
Steven H. Weinberger, George Mason University  
Project / Software Title :      
Speech Accent Archive  
Project / Software URL: http://classweb.gmu.edu/accent  
Access / Availability:       This archive is available free to the public on the web.  

The structure of the archive--247 samples, 90 different native languages

(1) The audio samples
a. embedded and controllable
b. quicktime 22.05 khz. 16-bit mono. IMA 4:1 compression

(2) The speaker demographics
a. native language
b. gender
c. place of birth
d. other second languages
e. age
f. age of onset
g. learning method
h. length of English residence
i. english residence country

(3) The elicitation paragraph
a. uniform
b. short
c. segmentally-representative

(4) The phonetic transcriptions
a. narrow
b. segmental
c. 2-4 trained judges

(5) The maps
a. location of all speakers on CIA maps

(6) The native IPA inventories
a. uniform representation

(7) The phonological generalizations
a. consonantal structure
b. vowel structure
c. syllable structure

(8) Remote submissions
a. subject samples can be sent in electronically
b. strict protocol for all submissions

(9) The archive as a classroom tool
a. trains students in field methods, transcription, phonological generalizations

(10) The archive as a research tool
a. native IPA inventories help with contrastive analyses
b. phonological generalizations are searchable and provide a valuable resource

(11) Summary
a. archive problems
b. archive uniformity
c. archive accessibility
d. archive growth
e. archive use



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