QuillDriver: A Tool for Annotating Digital Videos
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Edward Garrett , Eastern Michigan University  
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Project / Software URL: http://iris.lib.virginia.edu/tibet/tools/quilldriver/  
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Source code and documentation are available
from http://sourceforge.net/projects/fieldling
under an open source license (GNU GPL).

QuillDriver is a Java tool for creating and editing XML transcriptions or annotations and time-aligning them to digital video or audio files. Rather than enforcing a particular DTD or XML Schema, XML and XSL configuration files allow project managers to define project or user-specific time-coding and editing functionalities.

QuillDriver has a number of handy features to make transcription, annotation and time-coding easy and safe:

XML Tag Protection: QuillDriver's text editing window blocks users from changing or removing XML tags, thus preventing them from unknowingly corrupting their annotations. Instead, the project manager defines allowable edits and assigns each a menu link and keyboard shortcut in the project's configuration files.

Multiple Views and Variant Rendering: Multiple views of the data are allowed within a single project, and views may selectively render XML tags, or render them as other text or as icons.

Efficient Keyboard Shortcuts: All editing functions may be assigned keyboard shortcuts for efficient time-coding and annotation.

Scrolling Highlight Display: Once time-coded, a tag's contents light up whenever the media plays the time interval corresponding to that tag.

QuillDriver is currently being used by Tibetans at Tibet University in Lhasa to transcribe and log unscripted dialogues, scholarly commentaries, and classroom lectures. It also has a version that is being developed for use with other languages.

Here is a snapshot of QuillDriver in action:



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