Field Input Environment for Lexical Data

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Anthony Aristar & Zhenwei Chen, Wayne State University  
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Access / Availability:       Freely accessible via the internet (Beta version)  

Field Input Environment for Linguistic Data (FIELD) is a web-based lexicon tool designed to preserve endangered language data. The tool is a convenient way for field linguists to interact with their language data in a fully searchable online database.

FIELD is a flexible tool which can be customized to accommodate the language data of many different language families and typological configurations. Included in the tool is CHARwrite, a web-based IPA keyboard for the input of phonetic transcription. Wayne State University is currently using FIELD to input data from written field notes on Biao Min, a Hmong-Mien language, while Eastern Michigan University is entering computerized linguistic data for Mocovi, a Guaicuruan language, converting Shoebox file format to xml format.

FIELD is a convenient web tool with minimal software requirements. Linguist users can freely access the tool with internet access and a web browser (See below for browser recommendations). It has a number of handy features:

  Language Profile: Linguists create a Language Profile for each language they are working on, defining the grammatical and feature value system. The language profiles will be utilized to create grammatical sketches of languages in the database, as well as a cross-language search facility. View Language Profile

Unicode input with customized keyboard and keyboard shortcut: FIELD is fully Unicode compatible. Linguists can create a language-specific, customized keyboard with the IPA and international characters they choose, and create keyboard shortcuts for the characters they frequently use. This system utilizes cutting-edge Unicode technology which can presently display more than 65,000 characters each with a unique character encoding. View Keyboard

Entry Interface Styles:   Adding and Editing Individual Entries. FIELD provides a customizable interface convenient for detailed analysis of linguistic forms. When creating the language profile, the linguist customizes the interface for the working language, indicating the available settings specific to the language such as grammatical function, feature value, gloss language, and the format of example sentences and comparison forms. The interface settings can be changed at the convenience of the user. View Entry Interface

Browse and Search capabilities: Each linguistic form receives an unique identification number when it is entered. Linguists can browse entries chronologically or search for a particular linguistic form utilizing IPA characters. View Search Function

*Browser Recommendations:
  PC Compatible: For best results, use Internet Explorer 6.0/Netscape Navigator 6.2 or above and a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or higher.

Macintosh: For best results, use Mozilla, an open source web browser, and a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or higher. Mozilla will display most IPA characters correctly.

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