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Selected Readings

Some resources on markup of lexicons

Compiled in preparation for upcoming EMELD workshop
Gary Simons, 13 July 2002

Existing markup proposals:

Lists of elements that need to be accounted for in markup:

  • List of ~100 markup fields and ~50 lexical functions from Coward, David F. and Charles E. Grimes. 1994. Making dictionaries: A guide to lexicography and the Multi-Dictionary Formatter. Waxhaw, North Carolina: Summer Institute of Linguistics
  • Gibbon, D., Peters, W., Wittenburg, P., (December 2001), Metadata Elements for Lexicon Descriptions, Version 1.0, MPI Nijmegen.
  • Conceptual model of lexicon developed by SIL International for LinguaLInks and FieldWorks. Start with LexEntry; see the attributes listed on this object and follow links to explore the attributes of related objects. See also UML diagram for lexical database classes.
  • Grimes, Joseph E. 1988. Information dependencies in lexical subentries. In Martha W. Evens (ed.), Relational Models of the Lexicon: Representing knowledge in semantic networks. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 167-181.

Requirements and markup philosophy:

A taxonomy for classifying types of lexical resources:

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