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Memories from the 2002 Workshop

E-MELD Participants

Memorable Remarks...

From the People who are Digitizing the WORLD

Why isn't there a minimalist Barbie?

Do we need a BOPIT Extreme?

You can protect a language out of existence.

Fortune cookies:
    Terry: "Try a new system or a different approach".
    Simon: "Fortunately you enjoy competitive sports".

I have to wait for my handout to load. (David)

You can look this up in any user manual. Usually they lie.

This is a really boring phrase, but that's what linguists love (Bartek)

You don't need to know what it is, as long as your system has it (Bartek)

. . . So you see that Norwegian and Swedish really are the same language and that's a problem. (Oesten)

I have to wait for my handout to load. (David)

Look at what is done with a headset mic - the peaks are big and happy.

I'd like to get out of the business of being a Perl programmer and back to being a linguist. (Gene)

It's very nice for the metadata to have some data underneath it.

Academic access, criminal access - to the community they're all the same. (Doug M.)

You can save it when you've got something that adequately expresses your confusion.

The paper is awfully drafty. (Arienne)

Here are the speakers of Phuthi... they don't live in perfect ovals.

Be a linguistic missionary - or even a lightening bolt. (Arienne)

Get your favorite character into Unicode. (Debbie)

Train linguistic commandos! (Scott)

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